ME, The Insurance Industry And Psychiatry

About psychiatry and the insurance industry’s impact on financial support systems for ME patients, in Denmark and Norway.

From melivit.

Insurance companies that have financial advantage of having ME defined as a psychosomatic disorder connect with health professionals and researchers with exactly this understanding of the disease. In addition, these companies fund research that can be used as an argument to reject claims for compensation. Here, a Nordic network with links to the insurance industry is revealed.

The Danish Labour Market Insurance,  (the national system for occupational injuries and occupational diseases) rarely covers injuries and illnesses of a psychosomatic nature. According to the newspaper Information, psychosomatic illness is covered by only 7 %, against somatic illness by 77 %.

Most Danes have private health insurance. Danish lawyers now warn of insurance companies often insisting on using specialists with a history of issuing medical evaluations in favor of the insurance companies. In some cases, they write medical statements in which symptoms are described as being psychosomatic or non-existent. In evaluating insurance claims, this can be interpreted as «pain in life» – that the illness is not real, and thus the application for compensation is rejected.

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