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Before you look any further, please note that the ‘treatments’ listed below are not recommendations.  In all cases you should consult your GP before undertaking any treatment, and on top of that, some are definitely NOT recommended. These are things being put forward as ‘treatments’ by a number of organisations, but have various levels of bad press associated with them. Please see this section as a warning against proposed treatments that may do harm. Futher, where you read the word ‘treatment’ or ‘therapy’, they do not equate to ‘cure’.

I believe many of these companies do believe that because they have successfully treated other illnesses, that they can apply similar treatments or therapies to ME and achieve similar outcomes,  but maybe without real knowledge of the intricacies of the illness.  Others, dare I say, merely see it as an opportunity to gain an extra income stream from those desperate for a cure.

The aim of this section is to give you a start point to read up on a treatment you’ve heard about, and that you are maybe thinking of spending your money on.  The trouble is that there are many out there that will cost you an arm and a leg and have the possibility of worsening your condition rather than helping, and at the least will leave you poorer.  There is a lot of material out there explaining the harm that various proposed treatments such as these can have on you.

This will be an ongoing exercise and I will aim to add to it as I learn more about each.  Remember, my belief is that there are no magic potions yet that will cure ME.  If there was it would be on every news bulletin.  Having said that, some things will help some people some of the time, and so if you’re tempted by any recommended to you, please tread carefully, and research fully.  Read up on anything you’re thinking of trying, take on board as much advice and information as you can, not just from here.  I wish you good luck and good health.

The Perrin Technique


Link to the Perrin Technique website

My understanding is that this treatment deals with draining your Lymph channels just underneath the skin to help remove toxins through a light massage technique.  I gather from my reading that this would in fact be useful for anyone, not just those with ME.  It can also be done by other massage therapists, not just those qualified with the Perrin Technique.  In itself, it is not a cure for ME. It may be akin to improving your diet. If you have ME, it may well help, but it would also be true if applied to anyone, whether ill or not.

The Gupta Program


Link to The Gupta Program website

The Gupta Program is based on a belief that your ME these is ultimately caused by abnormalities in brain function, which can be reversed using revolutionary “brain retraining” techniques.  It is for you to decide if you feel your ME can be reversed in this way.  My view is that ME is a physical illness, not something that can be fixed by thinking differently.

The Lightning Process


Link to The Lightning Process website

You may also wish to read this link:

Warning Against Lightning Process

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Lightning Process Further Reading

And yet more reading….

The Lightning Process by David F Marks

Article by Dr David Tuller

Trial By Error: Do the “Vast Majority” of Lightning Process Participants Achieve “Lasting Change”? (

I’ve heard of some personalities who have declared this treatment to be what has cured their ME.  I’ve  also heard that within the course of instruction, that you are tod to tell everyone that it has cured you.   That worries me slightly, as it totally opposes other stories I’ve heard from people I’ve known in various ME Facebook Groups.  Their stories are of being told that if they fail to get better after the Lightning Process treatment, then it’s their own fault !  Also that if they feel their symptoms gaining control. that they have to stand in a circle and shout ‘No’.  How that cures anything I just don’t know.  Oh, and participants are also told not to let anyone else know what’s involved in the treatment…….

Reverse Therapy


Link to the Reverse Therapy website

For my personal view on this treatment, click on the link below:

Link to My Experience of Reverse Therapy

Breakspear Medical


Link to the Breakspear Medical website

Breakspear Medical states that they treat each patient individually, which means that there is no standard treatment programme for CFS/ME at a set price. They accept there is no easy answer to the question of whether there is a cure for ME. and that they look at each patient individually and therefore customised treatment programmes will be different from other patients and, depending on a variety of factors.  They further state that it may take a few weeks to many months to start feeling better.

Although it’s understandable for companies to make such statements, be be wary of any open-ended treatment plan.  You can quite quickly set off on a course of expensive treatment with no guarantee at the end.  Further, you are likely to then be offered ‘Plan B’, yet another course of treatment which again will not be guaranteed to improve your health in any way, but will leave you much poorer.

Doctor Myhill


Link to the Dr Myhill website

I have heard mixed reviews of the results obtained through treatments by Dr Myhill.  I must admit that many sing her praises and declare much improved health.  Others point to the high cost of the courses of treatments they have gone through, with no positive results.

The Chrysalis Effect


Link to The Chrysalis Effect website

I don’t know much about the treatment offering but I gather it’s similar to the adrenal fatigue ideas in the Gupta Programme.  I’d be grateful to hear more from those who have tried the Chrysalis Effect.

Graded Exercise Therapy (GET)


Those within the ME Community have always known how damaging being prescribed Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) can be to their future health.  Although not a therapy you will have to pay out money for, you may have to pay in other ways should you take the medical advice given in some quarters that this is a treatment that will help in your recovery from ME.

We have a broken energy production system and therefore normal rules do not apply.  The PACE Trial tried to show that it helps, but has been debunked by scientists and researchers worldwide.  The PACE Trial in fact is now held up as an example of how NOT to conduct such trials.

To understand better the truth of GET and The PACE Trial, click on the link below to watch two short videos.

Link To Graded Exercise And PACE Videos

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