ME/CFS and Freeze: A Metabolic State Of Hibernation That Is Not In Your Head

Nervous System

By Veronique Mead in Chronic Illness Trauma Studies.


This post introduces the relationship between chronic fatigue syndrome aka ME/CFS and freeze and similar death-like states such as hibernation. It draws from a 2016 study showing statistically significant objective metabolic changes in ME/CFS and how it is a very real physiological state that is not psychological. It expands on the article’s description of how the autonomic nervous system plays an important role in creating this state by citing experts on the well established science of polyvagal theory.

A second post will cite more detailed additional research in epigenetics, brain development, embryology and more to explain more fully how some people develop ME/CFS when others with exposures to similar environmental stressors such as infections, toxins, chemicals or adversity do not. A third post will discuss implications for treatment. I routinely update posts with new research and clarifications and have done so here since first posting).


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