ME/CFS, Naviaux’s Cell Danger Response And A Nervous System Under Threat


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Thanks again to Veronique for providing her intriguing take on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). This is one of a series of articles from Health Rising which feature hypotheses created by health care professionals with ME/CFS or who are associated with ME/CFS. (It is a long post – you might want to use the print or PDF options at the bottom left of the article to print it out.)

Veronique Mead

Veronique had a very gradual onset of ME/CFS beginning in the 1990s when she was a family physician. Her symptoms worsened slowly over 10 years. At her worst, activities such as sitting, standing, taking a shower, or talking exhausted her.

Using her experience as a guide, Veronique has been researching how the nervous system’s perception of threat can be an important and under-recognized contributor to chronic illnesses. Not because chronic illnesses are psychosomatic or that being sick is our fault – but because studies indicate how events can shape our genes, our biochemistry, and our nervous system functioning.


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