ME/CFS Patients Worldwide Face Scepticism And Ignorance From Doctors



By Jo Moss in A Journey through the fog.


I would like to take the opportunity, for ME awareness month, to talk about the problems ME/CFS patients like myself face getting a diagnosis, and also the general ignorance surrounding ME/CFS within the medical profession. I know not all doctors are bad, but sadly we have all faced indifference and dismissal, or damaging medical advice at some part in our ME/CFS journey.

I personally suffered physical symptoms for years before being diagnosed and I know I am not alone. Evidence suggests that the sooner we get a diagnosis and correct treatment advice, the better chance we have of making a good recovery. But my personal experience, and that of many ME/CFS sufferers I have spoken to, paints a depressing picture. Not only are our symptoms dismissed by doctors, sometimes for years, but even after diagnosis we face scepticism, ignorance and dangerous treatment practices. This neglect is causing us harm. This has to change.


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