Meet The Businesswomen Whose Chronic Conditions Mean They Have To Sneak In Sleep In Toilets

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By Dayna McAlpine in the Metro.


It’s 8am on a Monday morning. I’ve had ten hours of sleep, a strong coffee to kick start the day and a cold shower to get my blood pumping before heading to the office. It’s 12pm on a Monday afternoon. I’ve been staring at my screen for three hours unable to get any work done. I think someone noticed me taking painkillers again. My heart is racing from my third coffee of the morning – I just need to stay awake. If I ask to go home it’ll be the fourth time this month and I can’t risk it. It’s 2pm on a Monday afternoon. I’m hiding in the toilets again. I’m resting my head against the cubicle wall, using my jacket as a cushion. God it smells in here but a half hour nap might get me an hour of productivity. I hope no one catches me this time – I can’t afford to lose this job.


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