Mike Harley’s 26 EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Lithuania Sunday 10 September 2017



Mike Harley is running an amazing 26 Marathons across Europe to raise awareness of ME, and funds for Invest in ME Research.

Next one up, his 12th, is on Sunday 10th of September 2017 in Vilnius in Lithuania. A part of what Mike does is to get in touch with locals in the area concerned who are dealing with having ME and learning a little about how it’s recognised in that country and hopefully gain local publicity, recognising his amazing efforts.

Below is a snippet of information garnered from his site about his latest venture. Please visit his site through the link at the bottom of this page to find out more and lend your support if you can.  Thanks.



I spoke to Aleksas from Lithuania about his experience of living with ME and what life is like for patients there….

  • How did you get ill?

I got ill very unexpectedly, because I was always healthy and strong. It was in November 2011. In the beginning I thought it was just the flu or something and would pass through soon, but I was wrong.

I had a very high fever when it started, and terrible headaches. After a few days the fever dropped away but I felt very weak and still sick. I spent 2 weeks in bed unable to sleep normally. Blood test results were good; doctors told me that it was just some kind of strange flu. They told me that I would be fine, but I wasn’t improving. Now after six years I have recovered a little bit and feel better, but still live with fatigue and other symptoms including a ringing in my ears, low grade fever, brain fog, sleep problems, joints and muscle pain.

  • How does this ME/CFS affect you?

This illness affects me so much.  It has destroyed my dreams to have my own family, good job and normal life. I am 70% housebound (my case is not the worst). Sometimes I feel better, sometimes really bad. All the time I have to push myself to do everyday things. I become more antisocial. l lost some friends. Relationships with people become annoying sometimes because it’s hard to see happy people, when you are sick all the time and it’s invisible. You don’t know what to tell them, when they ask you: ”what’s wrong?”, “are you sad?” Many people don’t understand, they think I am depressed or just pretending.


To read the rest of this story on Mike’s site, click on the link below:


Link to Mike’s Marathon site

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