Mike’s EU Marathon Challenge


Mike Harley is attempting to raise funds and awareness for the charity Invest In ME and biomedical research by running a marathon in every EU country (currently 28 in total).

Invest in ME want to establish a national strategy of biomedical research into M.E. and establish a UK and European Centre of Excellence for biomedical research into M.E. Amongst many initiatives that Invest In ME are supporting is the Rituximab Trial, which represents the possibility of a major breakthrough in treatment for the illness. One of his oldest friends, Ian, has been suffering from ME for over 9 years and has been unable to work or lead a normal life.  And as with many people who have ME, a full recovery isn’t by any means guaranteed especially where governments continue to mis-diagnose the condition and fail to support clinical trials. In 2014 with a group of friends, he took part in a very different challenge for the charity (92 football grounds in 92 hours) managing to reach over 10 million people (through TV, Press and the football community) and raising nearly £5K for the Rituximab trial.  Throughout this project he met and talked to ME sufferers and their families which has had a very profound effect on his decision to attempt this challenge.


2015 Marathons:


Prague (Czech Rep) – Sunday May 3rd

Helsinki (Finland) – Sunday August 15th

Dublin (Ireland) – Monday October 26th


2016 Marathons (more yet to be booked)


Stockholm (Sweden) – Sat 4th June 

TBC (April)

TBC (August)

TBC (October) Mike running

He’ll be looking to get as much exposure for Invest In ME as possible and to try to run between 4-6 marathons per year.  Within each city he’ll be looking to make contact with someone within the ME community to raise the profile of the illness and the need for research into treatments. Mike with Flag

Mike is doing a brilliant job to support those of us with ME.  Let’s do our bit and spread the word to either encourage people to donate to his Just Giving page, or even take up the baton and choose to raise funds in their own way.


Further information can be found via the following links:


Twitter: @mikeseumaras

http://www.meaction.net/2015/07/07/meet-marathon-mike-running-28-marathons-for-invest-in-me/ –






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