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I’ve interviewed 3 people with ME in Austria who have given me their account of life there with the illness.

How did you get ill and how were you diagnosed?

Sebastian:  Probably following an EBV infection at elementary school age.

Sonja:  I had neuroborreliosis from 2011-2014, after which I was fine for 1 year. When it got worse again in the autumn of 2015 I was told that it was not borreliosis (Lyme disease). I did the rounds of doctors for two and a half years without a diagnosis or explanation for my condition of continually increasing weakness and pain. I have had Hashimoto’s since 2014 and fibromyalgia since 2003. In a Facebook fibromyalgia group I came across some ME / CFS patients and recognised myself in their descriptions. A doctor in Vienna, recommended to me by a ME / CFS group, made a diagnosis of CFS, amongst other things. I can not obtain a second opinion, because according to ME / CFS Help Austria, this doctor is the only one in Vienna!


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