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By Mike Harley.



I talked to a number of patients within the only Slovenia ME/FM facebook group (500 members) about their experiences living with ME & FM in Slovenia, here’s what they told me…..

How do doctors in Slovenia perceive ME?

  • Some are professional but others are very unprofessional. The result seems to remain the same, we mostly are left to look after ourselves.
  • It really depends on where you live and what Doctor you have.

How do they treat people in Slovenia?

  • The official diagnosis is given, but very few patients receive adequate treatment. Treatment is classic with anti-depressants and various relaxants.  But I repeat that few have received therapy because there is a lack of proper diagnosis.
  • They treat us poorly… too much chemical medicine, too little physiotherapists, lack of awareness and misunderstanding, maybe there’s something to do about it -hopefully.
  • Most patients can’t get diagnosed. Its a slim chance. Its not done on purpose however its just the lack of experience that doctors here have. On the other hand people do expect too much from a diagnosis. Even if they get a diagnosis they don’t get any treatment. If they get treatment well we know how that is. For many not very helpful. Its a never ending circle. Many people are angry and sad and mostly frustrated here due to the fact they can’t even get it recognized.


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