Millions Missing

Millions Missing


Tommy missing from the five a sides

A different postman today

Jenny not out, not seen her about

Maybe she’s just gone away


No Mary at the Bingo

Charlie, where is that guy?

Rang the teacher, couldn’t reach her

Didn’t wonder why


Jack from the pub

Hayley down at the club

That barber’s missing too

What’s going on, where have they gone?

……Well let me explain to you…..


There are Millions Missing from their lives

Fathers, brothers, sisters, wives

Children who can’t get to school

Hit by an illness that’s so very cruel


A devastating hammer blow

To everyone who’s come to know

How so life changing it can be

To be struck down with this beast, ME


It doesn’t really care about who

So next, it could so easily be you

Your life being just left to dangle

Above this medical Bermuda Triangle


Where those of all ages disappear

Those you hold so very dear

A medical disgrace that this is allowed

I hope those in power are really proud


So many laid in their prison bed

Struck down in pain, from toe to head

Blackened windows to shield from light

No relief through day or night


But these Missing Millions still have a voice

And they will continue to make a noise

Though to label us activists is quite ironic

When our illness is so extremely chronic




To get to where we need to be

We have no adopted celebrity

No TV star, no magic elves

We have to take this on ourselves


So in countries all across the world

Flags and banners will be unfurled

Pairs of shoes sadly on display

For the Millions Missing every day.


Bill Clayton

© March 2019


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