My Diary And ME

My Diary And ME

Busy days, life’s ablaze
Diary’s full to the brim
So much that I want to do
But can’t fit everything in

Hectic sport and social life
Days out with daughter and wife
Coaching football, archery session
Being taught a badminton lesson

Then an entry when not feeling good
Turned down invitation, not being rude
Missed football, not at my best
More entries of lots of tests

Less nights out, early to bed
Not very social now, being M.E. led
Work’s been a struggle too
So much I can’t get through

Diary notes of symptoms
Some new ones every day
Something is now telling me
This isn’t just going away

No sports or any social now
The diary’s a medical blog
Need my strength to keep my job
No running, not even a jog

Dear diary tells me work is done
They had to let me go
What once I could do with so much ease
I now can’t, as my head’s too slow

Can’t converse with others
As the fog gets in the way
I also regret, that I’d often forget
To diarise my day

That diary is now collecting dust
No entries from me for a while
Pointless listing new symptoms
It’s really not my style

Days and dates are now meaningless
They tend to roll into one
Not sure when a day is over
Or if the next has just begun

Blank pages stare right back at me
With nothing much to say
I say hesitating, we both are awaiting
A very special day

So many diaries across the world
Have a gap we want filling you see
It’s the date we are sure
That they’ve found a cure
So we can all be released from M.E.

Those blank pages will, once again fill
With happy family days
Fun with friends who will find us again
Back to our old social ways

Back to working every hour
Living our life again at full power
Catching up on the time we’ve lost
But could it come at a dreadful cost ?

To all out there, I say take care
No matter what your ill
As I and many others know
You have to take time to chill

When your body’s been so sorely tested
It’s important you ensure it’s really rested
Better to be taking baby steps
Than hitting the gym, upping the reps

Don’t let history be repeated
Make sure this illness stays defeated
If you find that one fine day
Pain and fog seem to have gone away
Remember our symptoms can be so cruel
Remember our simple golden rule

What’s best for us is rest and pacing
Let’s not succumb to more of that racing
Don’t go back to what caused the ill
That would be too bitter a pill

Don’t let your efforts be destroyed
To have your diary again filled with joy
You need to take care, need to beware
Temptation is the devil’s ploy

Without wishing to sound too wise
In my day-dreaming mind’s eyes
I see a day we’ll be able to enter,
“A cure has been found”
In our journals, front and centre

Although not there quite yet
I ask of you, please don’t fret
I’m sure that we are getting there
But as we await, our M.E. fate
I simply say, take care…..

By Bill Clayton
© 2020

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