My ME Puzzle


From our early days as we grow

We learn and add to what we know

Each piece of knowledge builds a picture

To help us make our living richer

We find the people who fit right in

Our family, friends, our kith, our kin

We find beliefs, our way, our soul

All the parts to make the whole

The pieces of the jigsaw

Fit so neat and true

Where we learn of course, not to force

A red piece with a blue

All of us are jigsaws

Made of what life brings

Bits and Bob’s from our family tree

And lots of other things

I suppose we’re never finished

As life adds on anew

But we can usually see the picture

That makes us me or you

Then one day the ME hits

None of the pieces now seem to fit

Inside the box all scrambled with fear

The picture is no longer clear

The corners that were set in stone

Now lost in fog, we feel alone

Though this mystery is not yet solved

Our strength and will shall not dissolve

The biggest puzzle we now face

Is joined up research, unlike PACE

Something funded from on high

Not by people like you and I

To put our pieces together again

They need some joined up thinking

Something like their own jigsaw

If you’re following my thinking

All the players in this game

Must ensure their aim’s the same

They must give proper research backing

Something that is sorely lacking

To those in power

This is your hour

Time to join the game

It’s not for fun, there are lives to be won

Or time to shoulder blame

People’s lives are being pulled apart

So stand up for us and make a start

Stand for those who feel neglected

Do the task for which elected

Help us solve the ME puzzle

Remove your party political muzzle

From this vote you can’t abstain

Help put our lives together again.

Bill Clayton  © 2019

The York ME Community © 2015
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