My PIP Diary – With A Whimper Not A Bang !

Mik Scarlet


By Mik Scarlet in The Huffington Post.


f you’ve been following My PIP Diary I’m glad to say it’s reached the end. Will this be a thrilling story of battle, with one side or the other being triumphant? Will there be tales of daring do, and unfettered excitement? Er, no. In fact, it ends with a whimper. I will say I won, which is great, but my victory came in a brown envelope one morning, quietly dropping though my letter box. After so much heart ache and stress preparing to go to war with the DWP through the appeals process, a short letter stating that due to another mandatory reconsideration I had been awarded the level of PIP that matched my old DLA award seemed to be a let down. Superb news, but an anticlimax. It was like playing a video game where after battling your way to the end the boss level is too easy.

So, yes I won my case. Yes, for the next 10 years of my award is the level of PIP I knew I was entitled to. Yes, the DWP and the company assessing my claim for PIP agreed they had made a mistake. Hoorays all round. But what has this whole saga taught us about the process of applying for Personal Independence Payments?

The first thing I think it highlights is how unskilled the people carrying out the assessments are. My case is a fairly straight forward one. While I gained my spinal cord injury through cancer, my medical condition and the impairments I was left with by my SCI are pretty standard. My application should have been pretty easy to understand and assess. If mistakes were made with me, what on earth must it be like if you have a complex condition or a rare medical issue? How can anyone expect to be correctly assessed if even the most straight forward of impairments are misunderstood?


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