My Wife Isn’t Tired



By Paul James.


I’m not writing this for me, I’m not writing this for Amy my wife either, today I was made aware of a lady who suffers not only from ME but also from her family’s disbelief and ignorance – so this is for her.


I need however, to start with a moment of humility: if I did not live with a sufferer of this cruel illness I wouldn’t believe it was real; I wish I was better than that, but I am not. Without the experience, I suspect I would have fallen into the: “it’s all in your head” category and that shames me.


Before ME, Amy was employed full time in a primary school, I have never known anyone work so hard. The little free time it allowed her was spent together and whenever possible, embracing the outdoors: Hill Walking/ Kayaking/ Wild Swimming/ Camping. We had achievable plans for the future and were working towards them.


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