“Neither Dying, Nor Recovering”: Learning From ICUs To Solve ME/CFS And Fibromyalgia – A Synopsis




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From Dominic


I believe observations made in Intensive Care Units can further understanding of ME/CFS.


Indeed, following a severe injury or infection some ICU patients fail to begin recovery for unknown reasons. This condition, termed “chronic” or “prolonged critical illness,” is characterized by neuroendocrine dysfunctions perpetuated by cytokines and oxidative/nitrosative stress. Regardless of the initial injury or infection, patients experience profound muscular weakness, cognitive impairment, pain and other severe ME/CFS-like symptoms.


Given these similarities, I believe that active collaboration between critical illness and ME/CFS researchers could lead to solutions for both conditions.


Please see my brief blog post below (first published on Health Rising). Any feedback is much appreciated.


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Dominic Stanculescu


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