New Clinical Trial To Test Whether Structured Exercise Benefits ‘Long Covid’ Patients




Warwick University have been given a £5m research grant from The National Institute of Health to undertake a:

“New clinical trial to test whether structured exercise benefits ‘long Covid’ patients.”

The link to the details are below. I have emailed their media centre with my thoughts, in the hope that they will have a rethink due to the irreversible damage this may do to the Long-Covid patients taking part.

Please have a read and if you feel so inclined, send a similar message to have this research put on hold until they have undertaken due diligence as to the harm that may ensue.

Thank you.

Sent email to:

Good Morning.

I have just read a press release which suggests your university has been given a £5m grant from the NIH to study Long-Covid patients.

My understanding is that part of this will be to investigate the impact of exercise on these patients. I doubt that my lone voice will be sufficient to alter your plans, but I beg you to be aware of the various Graded Exercise Therapy trials used ‘against’ those with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and the irreversible harm it has done to so many.

Long-Covid symptoms mirror many of those in ME, and damage to the mitochondria, the body’s energy production system means that just minor energy use, either mental or physical, can push our health back a great deal. I have heard from a number with ‘mild’ ME being bedbound after such treatment.

Can I ask that you take on board the knowledge gained by the millions of people worldwide with ME, and have a fresh look at your intended research, taking into account the medical mantra of ‘do no harm’.

Thanks and Regards

Bill Clayton

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