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This thread has a Science for ME ‘News in Brief’ post for each week in November 2020 written by a team including @Trish@Kalliope and @ahimsa. Scroll down to see this week’s news.

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

News, articles, videos

UK NICE ME/CFS guideline The draft guideline is due to be published on Tuesday 10th November. Stakeholder organisations, including Science for ME, will be invited to respond. The consultation will begin on 10 November 2020 and end on 22 December 2020, and the new publication date is expected to be 21 April 2021.
Thread with link here

In Belgium, the Supreme Health Council has published its report on ME/CFS. Views about the report are mixed. The report cautions about graded exercise and pleads for more biomedical research. It says that PEM is now seen as an important characteristic of ME/CFS, rather than just fatigue and it advises the use of the IOM diagnostic criteria. The report also makes a plea for the biopsychosocial model and argues that this model should not be reduced to the cognitive-behavioural model.
Report here (in Dutch and French) Thread here

Dialogues for a neglected illness Two new high quality films by this project have been released. This time the focus is on “Patients’ experiences” and provide more insight into the harsh reality of this disease through moving patient accounts. The films are:
Reduced Function (Duration 19 minutes)
How does the disease start? (Duration 27 minutes)
Website here Thread here.


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