No One Prepares You For The Grief Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome




By Asa Lovell  in The Mighty.


No one prepares you for the grief and feelings of inadequacy you get when you have chronic illnesses. They make such a huge impact on your life that they derail you, stop you from achieving the things you’re working for in the time you’d planned. You end up feeling like half the person you used to be, or at times you sit and wonder where the “real you” has gone.

Chronic illness takes so much out of you through dealing with pain, fatigue, sickness and no end of other problems that you never have time to catch your breath and really process what’s going on. Then, one day, you stop for just a second and realize you’re totally lost in a never-ending maze of appointments and hospital visits. Your medication stock is the equivalent to what many elderly people have because your symptoms are so difficult to control. Yet, people don’t understand and you get told it’s perhaps time to admit medications don’t do anything apart and don’t deal with the problem.


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