One Day He Was ‘Gifted’, The Next He Couldn’t String Together A Sentence




By Carrol Baker in kidspot.


Once bright and energetic 12-year-old Ethan struggled to get out of bed in the morning. But, as his mum Shelley says, that was just the beginning.

At first, doctors prescribed bed rest. They thought it was a virus and they said you can’t really do anything for a virus, he’ll just get over it, they said.

But he couldn’t go to school. He’d drag himself out of bed and go, but the next day it was like a truck had hit him, he was so exhausted. That went on for six months.

I knew something was really wrong. I was very frustrated, and felt as though no one was listening to me. Ethan couldn’t concentrate, and he’d get irritated. ME has severe neurological effects so he basically shut down, he couldn’t string sentences together, he couldn’t find the words to speak. Ethan couldn’t remember things that had happened yesterday, and this is a kid who tested as academically gifted at school.


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