One North-West Town Is Getting It Right For Disabled People On Public Transport – So Why Can’t The Rest Of Britain ?



By James Moore in The Independent.


When you’re disabled the phrase “back to earth with a bump” is all too familiar.

On Thursday I wrote about what I’d describe as a rare win: the Greater London Authority sent a motion to London mayor Sadiq Khan following my humiliating experience on the tube (I was singled out as a ‘mobility impaired person’ and badged as the cause of a delay over the tannoy so staff could provide me with assistance I had specifically told them I didn’t want).

Just a day later the motion was unanimously passed, however, another transport horror story broke. It centred on planes rather than trains, but it serves to show what disabled Britons have to put up with and why people like me often choose not to travel, at least to places that aren’t accessible by car.


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Link to Accessibility story

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