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Established in October 2020, Open Medicine Foundation Australia (OMF Australia) is an Australian foundation set up to support biomedical research through the establishment of a new ME/CFS collaborative research centre in Australia. OMF Australia was founded by Emerge Australia in partnership with the Open Medicine Foundation, meaning that Australia is now part of the largest, concerted worldwide non-profit effort to diagnose, treat and find a cure for ME/CFS.

The Australian centre is directed by Christopher Armstrong, PhD, and seeks to develop a disease management and treatment approach that focuses on the individual patient and the biology that underlies their disease. The research will look for unifying biological pathways of ME/CFS that cause the disease experience to be the same between patients, while also identifying biological aspects that produce different disease experiences between patients.

“I am thrilled that OMF has decided to expand its global ME/CFS research network to Australia,” Dr Armstrong said. “This will be the fifth Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) of this network and I am absolutely honoured to be the director.


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