Our Response To That Controversial Study On CBT Outcomes In Chronic Fatigue Has Now Been Formally Published



By Brian Hughes in The Science Bit.


As you read here in February, David Tuller and I attempted to respond to an alarming research paper that appeared in a recent issue of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

The paper they had published had purported to show evidence that cognitive behavioural therapy leads to symptom improvements in patients with chronic fatigue. We wrote a response detailing the study’s serious methodological flaws and the highly misleading way in which its results had been presented. We even showed that key statistical statements in the paper’s Abstract were factually inaccurate. Despite this, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine saw fit to reject our submission without providing any reason. Even though our manuscript met all the journal’s guidelines, the editor chose to not even allow it be reviewed for publication.

Undeterred, we proceeded to submit to another journal, the Journal of Health Psychology. There it underwent formal review, arising from which we were required to make some changes. Ultimately our revisions were deemed satisfactory and our paper was accepted.


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