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Just to keep you up to date, I’ve received the following, and have asked to be kept in touch with any further action is taken, as their action must be proactive. If we call 101 as suggested, we can’t wait for the incident to be attended, as we need to carry on with our day, and will therefore at that point have to go into busy roads in wheelchairs and scooters or obviously by foot with possible sight impairments:

Dear Mr Clayton.

I have been to Fordlands Road today and I have spoken with one of the site managers of the building site. I have asked him to speak with his staff and any visiting contractors to not park on the footpath. I made him aware that we have had some complaints and that we will be issuing tickets for those vehicle’s blocking the pavement. Hopefully this will reduce the numbers of vehicles doing so. I will continue to patrol the area and issue tickets when needed.

Kind regards

Simon Hall

PCSO 5648

North NPT


Dial 101, press option 2 and ask for me by my full name or collar number

If using my collar number please state each number individually

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