Pinetree’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. CBD Oil Success Story


From Health Rising.

(Thanks to Pinetree for providing her success story and personal recommendations. This blog was written by her and edited by me (Cort))

A success story is always a remarkable thing to hear. Pinetree still has chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), she’s not ‘normal’ or cured, but a single treatment has made a remarkable difference in her life.

A year ago, she was bedridden and needed help with just about everything; showering, cooking meals, shopping, tending to her hair, etc. Now her bed is for sleeping at night, she is able to care for herself, and is starting to look for a job. The brain fog, the headaches, the severe pain, the overwhelming post-exertional malaise, the depression are gone!

The really remarkable thing about Pinetree’s success is how simple, in the end, it was. After trying dozens of treatments, it took one substance which clicked physiologically with her and she was on her way.


To read the rest of this story, click on the link below:


Link to ME and CBD story

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