Raise A Glass

Raise A Glass

Woke up feeling pants today

Heavy, sore, all muggled

Tried to just get out of bed

And really, really, struggled

Felt all sorry for myself

Really in a dip

Couldn’t set my mind to owt

Felt an M.E. drip.

Tried to put my mind to stuff

But my body’s in a frown

Head all fuggled, mind in a muddle

Really feeling down

Still so really deep in mud

Mind so slow, like a limping slug

Just don’t want to be like this

Tired of giving life a miss

Somehow later things improve

Got into a bit of a ‘doing’ groove

Knowing our symptoms change like the weather

I thought I’d do something before it got wetter

Decided I needed a change of scene

Needed to use my ‘get out of here’ gene

Break the chain, clear my brain

Before I felt the energy drain

Revved up the mobility scooter

These days just a pavement commuter

My plan to head out to the pub

For a nice cold beer and a bit of grub

I felt it was worth a little pain

You guys know, we just take the strain

A little voice was telling me ‘no’

Wise words, but I told it where to go

Sat on a bench out in the sun

Enjoying my drink, ‘just the one’

Able to watch the world go by

Enjoying the air, the clear blue sky

Something that really made my day

Were the cars passing on their way

Heading shop-wards away from the grind

Wives hoping for a clothing find

Hubbies thirsty, jealously resigned

I write this not meaning to make light

Of so many deep in this M.E. plight

But somehow I have to find a way

To get through yet another day

There was to be much payback later

But my need to escape was so much greater

It’s something we all know about

A tough decision, there’s no doubt

To those who say ‘well you should be working’

Believe you me I’m really not shirking

One day at work in the state I’m in

I’d be like a wet rag, fit for the bin

I accept I’m one of the luckier ones

Who can get out to enjoy some rays

Seeing these as the silver lining

Trying to get out when the sun is shining

But only able on my better days

That’s the reason the glass I raise

Is to those to their house and bed are bound

I hope that they have fewer days

Imprisoned by pain, by light, by sound

I hope they find the strength one day

I hope for a time soon when they

Will be able to rise up from their bed

And enjoy fresh air and blue sky instead

So here’s to each and every one

Those millions missing the warming sun

Missing from lives shorn of cheer

Forever in my thoughts as I raise my beer.

By Bill Clayton

© 2020

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