Raising ME Awareness In York Through City Of York Council

York Council

You will be aware that I had a meeting with City of York Council on the subject of Raising ME Awareness.  I have received notification that the Lib Dem Group will be proposing a motion at the next full council to raise awareness of ME in York.

There will also be a Press Release by them to highlight the motion.

Hopefully, this will kick start a series of actions in the Council to begin an awareness campaign.




FULL COUNCIL – 22nd March 2018


  • From Cllr Chris Cullwick


Raising Awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in York


“Council notes:


That Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a chronic, neurological condition that causes symptoms affecting many body systems to an estimated 250,000 people in the UK and around 17 million people worldwide.


That many sufferers report the process of diagnosis can take many months, or even years, and that patients often highlight a lack of awareness among clinicians about the condition and possible treatments.


That M.E remains a ‘hidden’ disease and largely remains out of the public conscience and much more is needed, both in York and across the UK, to raise awareness of the disease and our understanding of it.


The excellent work of the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic in providing both assessments and vital assistance to those experiencing symptoms of M.E.


The considerable efforts of the York M.E Community in offering a support network for those suffering from M.E in York and for also continuously working to raise awareness on the disease.


Council resolves:


  • To use the Council’s ‘city lights’ to light up landmarks such as the City Walls and West Offices on International M.E Awareness Day, due 12th May 2018.
  • To initiate a communications campaign, utilising the Council’s distribution and communication networks to generate awareness of M.E in York, allowing York to lead a national debate on the subject.
  • That the Health & Wellbeing board receive a report on how the profile and awareness of M.E can be promoted, including amongst clinicians and professionals in York.

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