Rare Gene Mutations May Be Affecting Energy Levels In ME/CFS



By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


Dr. Camille Birch has a PhD in biomedical engineering and hails from the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology at Huntsville, Alabama. Hudson Alpha, only 11 years old, is one of those new biotechnology efforts that’s using sophisticated bioinformatics to understand how our genes affect our health.

Dr. Liz Worthey and Dr. Birch believed that genetic mutations in ME/CFS might be altering metabolic pathways and causing an “unstable cellular energy state” in ME/CFS. They’re using a variety of algorithms, including one called “custom network analysis”, to examine all sorts of genomic abnormalities (single nucleotide substitutions, structural variants, fusion products, expanded tandem repeats, and variants in regulatory regions). (Yes, our genome is very complex…)

The type of ME/CFS you have, they think, might depend on which metabolic pathways your genetic mutations are whacking. Boy, does it appear that they hit that nail on the head in this study.


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