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I’ve received the following request with regard to helping with a petition.  I will obviously leave it to individuals as to whether they support this or not.


Dear York ME Community,

As you will probably know, both Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electro-hypersensitivity are widespread, often severely disabling, and yet almost completely ignored by the NHS and the government. They are also conditions which may affect ME sufferers, as I know myself, having lived with both ME and EHS.

A petition on the Parliamentary website has just been set up to ask the Government to accord these medical conditions, and those who live with them, the recognition they deserve and need. If 10,000 signatures can be collected, the Government will be required to give a response. As it is estimated that at least 3% of the population is Electro-sensitive – I don’t know the figures for MCS – there must be more than enough people who would like to sign – it’s just a matter of reaching them! May I please ask you to give a little of your time to reading the petition, and if you are in agreement with it, signing it and passing it on to others who might sign? Link to Petition

We have only six months to collect 10,000 signatures – or more if we can! Ambitious – but it feels to me better to try than to do nothing.

With thanks and best wishes, Nicky Kingsley

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