Shopping with ME





Tried to do some shopping today

Hellfire, what was I thinking,

Woke up this morning

And it hurt, just blinking.


Dark specs, earplugs in,

Trying to keep out all of the din

Kids in the corner calling for dad

Tells them ‘be quiet’

For that I’m so glad


Too many lights, background chatter

Tanoy’s blasting out

The message doesn’t matter

It’s all lost to me whatever’s being said

I can’t process words in my swirling head


All my senses scream at me loud

Having to make choices, too many voices

In my head forms a thickening dark cloud


Now comes the pain to every nerve end

Can’t make out the messages they send

Now I’m hearing voices

I think they’re mine

Get yourself home, where you’ll be fine


I’m fit to drop, gotta stop



By Bill Clayton


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