Start A Ripple

Start A Ripple

Taught as kids to always care
If you had a friend, to always be there
Give up your seat, without a fuss
Carry the lady’s shopping off the bus

Add a little something to someone’s day
Give a smile as you pass their way
The little nod or smile you share
Might be enough to show that you care

No smile returned ? Take it on the chin
You don’t know the pain they’re in,
You don’t know the depth of their plight
You don’t know the demons they fight

Caring for others, not just our own
Reaching out to those all alone
These things I know are right to do
I’m sure it’s the same for all of you too

I believe we live by a moral code
To help all others with a heavy load
Many believe this comes from on high
But for me I don’t understand why

I think it’s really in us all
To choose to be there when others fall
I find it strange, and somewhat odd
That I would only do this through a god

Religion can be a force for good
But it’s something I’ve never really understood
That so many suffer in its name
So are the good or the bad to blame?

But no matter whether you believe or not
Whether inbuilt, or something that’s taught
There’s always room for an open heart
And it’s never too late to make a start

I don’t have all the answers
Maybe none at all
But I believe, as others grieve
We should all stand tall

That’s when we should step forward
No matter our faith or belief
To be the ear, willing to hear
Of their sadness, worries or grief

As we go about our day to day
Think of others, and if you pray
Let’s keep their troubles in our mind
Let’s treat others well, and be kind

That’s the world where I want to live
Where those who have, are happy to give
Where we don’t follow the social media trend
Of being cruel, poison penned

Let’s have a world of which we’re proud
Helping each other up off the ground
Let’s raise each other up, and care
Be there for others, whether in deed or prayer

Always in fashion, always on trend
Just give a smile, no need to spend
An act of kindness, a pebble so small
Can cause a ripple, reaching out to all
Turn someone’s sky blue from grey
Be the pebble to start that ripple today.

Bill Clayton

Updated: 12th June 2021 — 6:15 am

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