Starving for Energy ? And The Immune Hole That Produced ME/CFS ?- The IACFS/ME Conference Reports Pt. II

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By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


The Immune Hole That Produced ME/CFS? (and who knows – maybe long-hauling as well)

Somehow Lenny Jason got a hold of some recovery data from the 1918 flu! The data suggested that 20% of those affected may not have fully recovered, and fatigue was one of the most common consequences. Jason pointed out that fatigue is a common result of post-infectious illnesses. Almost 30% of those who survived the Ebola virus, and over 40% of those who survived the first (and more deadly) SARS virus reported severe fatigue.

An ME/CFS researcher – and, in particular, this researcher – would know. More data on post-infectious illnesses have come out of ME/CFS research than any other disease, and Jason has been following a post-infectious cohort for years.

First there were the groundbreaking Dubbo studies. Then came the Taylor/Jason/Katz effort to follow 301 adolescent patients with infectious mononucleosis (IM) for several years. They found 13% met the criteria for ME/CFS at 6 months, 7% at 12 months and 4% at two years.


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