Stress, PTSD And Parents Of Kids With Disabilities




By Dr. Liz Matheis  in The Mighty.


As a Psychologist, I am in the business of receiving phone calls from parents worried about their kids with disabilities. During that initial phone call, parents give me a quick run-down of their child’s symptoms, the struggles the family at large is facing, and the specific goals they would like to work towards.

During that initial phone call, I’m often left thinking, “How are you, as the parent, doing?” Parents are often surprised when I ask that question during the intake. Several parents have responded with silence, a confused, “Fine,” or “No one has ever asked me how I’m doing.” As a parent of a child with disabilities, the process of gaining a diagnosis and then figuring out life and supports and medical conditions can be overwhelming and often traumatising. In my experience, many parents of children with disabilities and other medical needs are experiencing symptoms of  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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