Study Finds Reduced Ability To Respond To Energy Demands In ME Patients’ Immune Systems

NK Cells


By Sasha Nimmo in ME Australia.


Scientists from Australia’s Griffith University found ‘a significant reduction of glycolytic reserve in resting natural killer (NK) cells’ from people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ICC ME) compared with healthy controls.

“These findings suggest resting NK cells from ME/CFS patients have reduced ability to increase glycolytic flux to respond to high energetic demands for ATP production (adenosine triphosphate or ATP is a usable form of energy for cells). Hence, the reduced glycolytic reserves we have identified in isolated resting isolated NK cells should be further investigated to assist in understanding ME/CFS pathogenesis.”

Glycolysis is a fundamental metabolic pathway that is critical for the production of energy. Glycolytic flux, or the rate at which molecules proceed through the glycolytic pathway, is tightly regulated in response to the cellular environment, according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

The study says it is unclear whether the cause of this reduction is intracellular or extracellular.


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