Study Suggests Similar Processes Are Driving Long COVID And ME/CFS

Research Study


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.

Eric Schadt, the study’s senior author, is not your average researcher, and Phillip Comella, the lead author, has personal experience with mysterious diseases and difficult diagnoses.

A biomathematician and bioengineer, Schadt has been at the forefront of biocomputational technologies for years. Schadt’s goal has always been to get at the biological underpinnings of disease. He’s a systems guy. Our genes, after all, they don’t work in isolation – they work in systems. Schadt believe that many potential therapies failed because they didn’t take into account the systems the gene was participating in.

Not content merely to highlight particular genes, Schadt was one of the first to use genetic data to construct “predictive networks” that targeted aberrant biological pathways that were causing. Once he did that, he circled back to use these pathway analyses to target the genes that were actually making a difference.


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