Summary: Structural Dimensions Of The Biopsychosocial Model

From Healthcare Hubris.

Following feedback, I have written a summary of the series of four blogposts looking at structural (essentially, socio-political) dimensions of the biopsychosocial (BPS) model.

The full series of blogposts can be found here:

Blog 1: Beginnings Blog 2: Constructs and propaganda Blog 3: Academic-state-corporate nexus Blog 4: Downstream effects of upstream corruption


Peer-reviewed published literature has demonstrated how the BPS model is applied and impacts on patients on the level of healthcare encounters (what we might term ‘micro’ level) and also on the level of healthcare policy (what we might term ‘meso’ levels).

However, very little research has been published looking at the BPS model on a structural level. Structural is this sense refers to macro level (national and global) economic policies, corporate interests, legislation and associated institutions. In particular, the UK government’s welfare reform agenda and the associated interests of the academic-state-corporate nexus (Jonathan Rutherford’s term) are largely absent (at time of writing) from peer-reviewed journals.

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