Living with ME

Interview Part 1 – What Does ME Feel Like ?


  From Find Millions Missing.   Esme and Millie learned over the years how to cope with ME. Esme (21) is a medical student who was diagnosed with ME when she was in school. Millie (23) was diagnosed with 17, right before her final school exams before she headed off to University in England. Both […]

The illness People Can’t See: Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


  By Hannah Gibson in The Spinoff.   What is it like to have a disease that nobody can ‘see’ and which society can shame you for talking about? To mark International ME/CFS Awareness Day, Hannah Gibson writes about her experience with ME/CFS, and the struggle to have her condition legitimised in Western medicine. When […]

Living With ME – Emelyne’s Transcript

Living with ME

  From the #SpeakforME Blog.   My name is Emelyne and I #SpeakforME because so many people suffer in the dark behind closed doors. ME has no bias, it affects men, women, children, adults, young and old. It can change during your life, it can get really tough. It can get better and there can […]

Why People Don’t Care About CFS

Ginna Campbell

    By Ginna Campbell from her ‘Outside of Normal’ Blog.   Several times this year I have attempted to bring awareness to the patient activist political push to get CFS/ME research funding to my family and friends through my Facebook account. Each time I fretted over my word choice, and anxiously watched the engagement […]

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