Mike Harley’s ME Marathons

Mike Harley’s Marathons For ME

  Good luck to Mike Harley who is running 28 Marathons across Europe to raise Awareness and funds for Invest In ME Research.   On Sunday the 17th of March he will be running the Cyprus Marathon.   As always, a huge thanks from everyone in The York ME Community  Mike ! See the tab […]

Mike’s EU Marathon Challenge

  By Mike Harley.   Running a marathon in each EU member country (28 currently) for Invest In ME (www.investinme.org) for biomedical research to treat and cure ME. Next up: #20 Paphos (Cyprus), 17/03/19   To read the rest of this story, click on the link below:   Link to Mike Harley’s story

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Bulgaria Report

By Mike Harley.   Just 5 weeks after Tallinn, I travelled to Sofia in Bulgaria to run their city marathon for number 19 of 28.  With Cat 38 weeks pregnant I had expected to be going solo but one of my good mates, Mike Ward, volunteered to come with me.  I tried hard to find a […]

Mike Harley’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Denmark

  By Mike Harley.   I spoke to Rebecca Hansen from the Danish ME Association ME Foreningen and severe ME patient Kamilla Thomsen.  Here’s what they told me about living with ME in Denmark. For Danish translations click here Rebecca Hansen​ ​ Can you give us an overview of what life is like for ME patients in […]

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Austria

  AUSTRIA I’ve interviewed 3 people with ME in Austria who have given me their account of life there with the illness. How did you get ill and how were you diagnosed? Sebastian:  Probably following an EBV infection at elementary school age. Sonja:  I had neuroborreliosis from 2011-2014, after which I was fine for 1 year. When […]

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Malta

    By Mike Harley.   I made contact with the Malta ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia Alliance before flying out for number 15 of 28, here’s what they told me about life in Malta with ME.  I had lots of great support from the group and they managed to get the challenge featured in Lovin Malta alongside the coverage I managed […]

Mike Harley’s 28 EU Marathons For ME Awareness

  My name is Mike Harley, I’m 35 and live in Bristol, UK and I’m running Malta Marathon as part of my challenge to run a marathon in every country in the EU (28 in total) to help raise money and awareness for biomedical research to find a cure for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) One of […]

Mike’s EU Marathons for ME – Malta

  MALTA I’ve been speaking to the Malta ME, CFS & Fibromyalgia Alliance about ME there and here’s a summary of my findings from talking with them and my own research. Number of ME patients in Malta There is no study or any estimates to show or at least a demarcation if there ever was […]

Mike’s EU Marathons – Slovenia

  By Mike Harley.   SLOVENIA I talked to a number of patients within the only Slovenia ME/FM facebook group (500 members) about their experiences living with ME & FM in Slovenia, here’s what they told me….. How do doctors in Slovenia perceive ME? Some are professional but others are very unprofessional. The result seems […]

Mike’s EU Marathons – Amsterdam Report

    From Mike Harley’s EU Marathons Website.   Ahead of my trip to Amsterdam I’d made contact with a number of Dutch patient groups and associations who had all been very interested in supporting my challenge.  I interviewed M.E patients Anil and Frank along with campaigner and carer Rob, click here to read what they had […]

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Vilnius (10.09.17)

  By Mike Harley.   Prior to flying out to Vilnius for number 12 of 28 I was contacted by a Lithuanian sports journalist working for the marathon who was keen to interview me.  I thought our interview would be used on the marathon website but it actually made it into Lithuania’s main newspaper and site, […]

Mike Harley’s 26 EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Lithuania Sunday 10 September 2017

  Mike Harley is running an amazing 26 Marathons across Europe to raise awareness of ME, and funds for Invest in ME Research. Next one up, his 12th, is on Sunday 10th of September 2017 in Vilnius in Lithuania. A part of what Mike does is to get in touch with locals in the area […]

Mike’s EU Marathons – Luxembourg Report

    Ahead of the Luxembourg Night Marathon, my good friend Juli managed to track down one of the estimated 2000 ME sufferers there.  I interviewed Katja who told me about her struggle for diagnosis and what it is like for patients in the Grand Duchy, click here to read.  I had some great coverage ahead of […]

Amazing Mike Harley’s 28 Marathons For ME Awareness !

    This is Mike with his ME Awareness Flag on completion of the Luxembourg Marathon on 27 May 2017.  That’s 11 down and 17 to go in his aim of running a marathon in every EU country for ME Awareness.  Read his story by hitting the tab at the top of this site.   […]

Mike’s ME Marathons – The Story Of An ME Sufferer In Luxembourg

  LUXEMBOURG   By Mike Harley.   My next marathon (no 11 of 28) is in Luxembourg on May 27th. By similar ratios to the rest of Europe, 2,000 of the 500,000 people living there have ME. I’ve interviewed Katja from Luxembourg who has given her account of what it’s like to live there with […]

Mike’s EU Marathons – Barcelona Report

  Report by Mike Harley.   ​Training for number ten went really well.  I’d decided to try a vegetarian diet for the 3 months prior to the race in Barcelona and also went alcohol-free for January in order to get healthy and drop weight.  It seemed to work as I was smashing through PB’s and […]

Mike Harley’s 28 Marathons For Invest In ME Research

    The York ME Community would like to wish Mike Harley good luck as he runs the Barcelona Marathon this weekend in aid of Invest in ME Research, and to help raise ME Awareness. To read more on Mike’s amazing achievements so far, hit the link at the top of this site.

Mik Harley’s 28 Marathons for Invest In ME Research !

  Mike Harley is running an amazing 28 marathons across Europe to help raise awareness and funds for Invest in ME Research. His next run is the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday the 12th March.  To read more about Mike’s Marathon effort and lend your support, click on the tab at the top of this site.

Mike’s EU Marathon Challenge

    I’m back running again and 5 weeks into Barcelona training having had some very quiet running weeks of no more than 10 miles per week for a couple of months.  Last October’s two marathons in 4 weeks took a lot out of me mentally and physically so it was good to power down […]

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research

  Allez les bleus! 2 days til I head out to Toulouse for marathon no. 5 of the year and 9 overall. £3000 raised so far this year for Invest In ME. Thanks to Gillian Wyke and James Herrington for your sponsorship today. I’ve run an average of just over 3 miles per day since […]

Mike’s 28 EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research

  Mike Harley is attempting to raise funds and awareness for the charity Invest In ME and biomedical research by running a marathon in every EU country (currently 28 in total). His 8th marathon will be in Brussels on 2 October 2016.  He is in his final preparations for that run and I’m sure he’d […]

Mike’s EU Marathons for Invest In ME Research – Gdansk Marathon Completed !

      Wow that was tough. No shade throughout and a real challenge but got back in 4.25, a Summer PB at least. The finish was superb, amongst the best I’ve experienced, I ran over the line with my Invest In ME flag and got snapped a lot (hope to show soon). Cheers everyone […]

Mike’s EU Marathon Challenge

    Well since my last update at the end of February I have…. Finished marathon 5 (Greece) of 28 -completed in 4.03 hrs Raised £700 more for Invest In ME Research projects (now stands at £3157) Had my first published blog on Running Bug website Been asked to write a feature on the challenge […]

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