Raising ME Awareness

An MP Is Calling For A Debate Into One Of The ‘Biggest Medical Scandals’ Of The 21st Century

  By Steve Topple in The Canary.   A Scottish National Party (SNP) MP is calling for a debate into the controversy surrounding a disease she thinks will be one of the “biggest medical scandals of the 21st century”. Calling for a debate Glasgow North West MP Carol Monaghan has launched an early day motion in parliament […]

York Lib Dems Motion To Raise Awareness Of ME In York Passes Through Council Unanimously !

On the evening of Thursday 22 March, Cllr Runciman proposed the Liberal Democrat motion to raise ME Awareness in York.  This was passed through council unanimously ! I would like to thank all in council who listened to my support of the motion and Cllr Runciman and her staff for getting this through.

Raising ME Awareness In York Through City Of York Council

You will be aware that I had a meeting with City of York Council on the subject of Raising ME Awareness.  I have received notification that the Lib Dem Group will be proposing a motion at the next full council to raise awareness of ME in York. There will also be a Press Release by […]

Jen Brea’s Outrageously Successful Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) TED Talk

    By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   There’s no need to embellish chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS; ME) stories. Shakespearean in their depth, ME/CFS stories can be so disturbing that some people will undoubtedly look for ways to dismiss them. Healthy, active, successful people, after all, don’t suddenly end up in bed for decades […]

A Merry Christmas From The York ME Community

      I’d quite simply like to wish all supporters of The York ME Community a Merry Christmas, but most importantly a healthy New Year. Please be sure to look after yourselves, your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues in the year ahead.  We’ve put another tough one behind us, but I really believe […]

Former Cal Student Struck By Disease

    By Vidhima Shetty, Staff Writer in The Californian.   For Cal High Alumnus and Stanford student Tom Camenzind, life has approached a standstill as the result of the disease M.E./C.F.S. M.E./C.F.S. affects no less than one to two million people in the U.S. The term itself, myalgic encephalomyelitis, carries a provoking explanation: neuro […]

Can You Help Those In The York Area Suffering From ME ?

    Do you live in the York area ?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, you are likely to know or live close to someone suffering with ME.  This is a serious Neurological illness that strikes at any age, and destroys lives. By current research, there are around 800 people in the York area with […]

When I’m Asked, ‘But Don’t You Want To Get Better?’

By Carla Robinson in The Mighty. As you may know if you have read my other post, 5 Ways Being Chronically Ill Is Worse Than I Expected, I am quite seriously and chronically ill. However, the biggest problem I face is the fact that I don’t look sick. I even wrote about how that illness lead to […]

400,000 Canadians Disabled By CFS

By Russell Logan in Shout About ME.   Almost half a million Canadians with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) also suffer severe deprivation and isolation, in many cases worse than more recognized illnesses such as stroke and cancer, according to the latest report from Health Canada. The 2014 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) (published June 17, 2015) reveals […]

New Research Unlocking Mysteries Behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    By Lauren Pelley, Staff Reporter at thestar.com   Scott Simpson remembers the exact day his whole world changed. It was August 9, 2012, and the then 47-year-old medal-winning triathlete woke up with a feeling unlike anything he’d experienced before. It was a deep, inexplicable fatigue and sickness affecting every part of his body, including […]

Why ME And CFS Instead Of ME/CFS?

  By Sasha Nimmo in ME News Australia.   Why is it important to use ME and CFS? It’s time, Australia needs to leave behind ME/CFS and CFS/ME and adopt the International Consensus Criteria for ME. ‘ME and CFS’ captures an audience who have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, as some patients who have been diagnosed with […]

10 Things You Should Know About Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  By Jessica Diamond in The Mighty.   While on holiday in 2011, at the age of 14, I suddenly lost most of my muscle strength, became inexplicably and disproportionately exhausted by small tasks. I started experiencing pain that would soon become chronic, and began to notice a wide range of difficult and often debilitating […]

Why We Shouldn’t Call It Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Rivka Solomon in STAT. It started with a bout of mononucleosis. Two college roommates and I got it at the same time. They felt better after a month. I didn’t. Decades later, I’m still living with bone-penetrating exhaustion and brain fog as thick as pea soup. I spent much of my 30s and 40s […]

The Male Pattern Baldness Disease? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’s Chronic Lack Of Research Funding

  by Jorgen Jelstad in Health Rising.   According to Nancy Klimas research into male pattern baldness gets six times more federal funding in the US than research into ME/CFS. It’s not so strange, then, that it takes time to find good answers to the ME/CFS enigma. I have written many blog posts at my Norwegian […]

Do You Want Your MP To Have A Better Understanding Of M.E.? 

  The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on M.E. is hosting an awareness-raising drop-in session for MPs in London on Wednesday 11 May from 12.45pm to 2pm. If you’d like your MP attend, get in touch with them now if you can, or get someone well enough to email them.  Just Google to find out […]

To The People Who Tell Me, ‘You’re Doing A Lot So You Must Be Better’

  By Kirstin Larkin In The Mighty.         To those of you who tell me, “Well, you look fine” or “You have been doing a lot so you must be feeling better,” here’s the truth: I have chronic illnesses, and they never go away. They’re always drawing some type of attention to themselves at least […]

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