I used to love the banter
Noisy bar room chat
Then when the beastly ME hit
It put a stop to that

Noise is now my Kryptonite
My Achilles’ heel is sound
It’s not by choice
That the tone of a voice
Can knock me to the ground

Crowds are now a no-no
The buzz is just too tough
My head tunes in
To each voice in the din
My brain cries out…ENOUGH !

When there’s time for a chat
I sit at the back
I can’t keep up these days
With each word spoken
I nod as a token
Lost in a verbal maze

When I try to join in
I plan all my words
Queuing them up with care
I start my tale
But then without fail
The words are just not there

If someone talks fast
My attention won’t last
I can’t keep up with the flow
It crashes my mind
So would be ever so kind
If for me, folks could go slow

My skill of processing
Is clearly regressing
The brain’s not all that it was
More limits on life
Causing me strife
And good old ME is the cause

So I’ll try to keep sane
Knowing talk is a drain
And maybe revert to ‘type’
I can socialise, using fingers and eyes
Saving my head some gripe

I’ve found a lot of quieter friends
On Facebook and on Twitter
What they say, I can read any day
Without being thought a quitter

No need for instant answers
More time to think them through
If not well that day, I can always say
I’ll get back to you

So thank you to my on-line friends
Although we’ve never met
If I’m slow in giving answers
It’s something that you’ll ‘get’

I’ll fight to be my ‘normal’
Live my life as before ME
With one foot in the old world
The other, online, noise free….

So old friends, if you call me
And I really wish you would
Please just talk to me slowly
Although any call is good……

By Bill Clayton
© September 2018

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