The £4.2 Million Worth PACE Trial – High Hopes, Deep Fall




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Do you trust your GP to give you the right diagnosis and treatment you need whenever you feel ill? Yes, most people do! But what if your GP fails to give an accurate diagnosis and worse, prescribes the wrong therapy?

This is exactly what happened in the UK based on the PACE trial which results led to mistreatment of ME/ CFS patients.

NHS and NICE guidelines describe ME/ CFS symptoms and a list of treatments that doctors can suggest. The guidelines were published in 2011 based on the 5-year long PACE trial. The £4.2 million trial that was financially supported by the UK Government studied four ME treatment options including specialist medical care (SMC), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), graded exercise therapy (GET) and adaptive pacing therapy (APT). The PACE trial claimed that exercise can improve people with ME and formed a pervasive perception of ME as a psychological disease in the UK and throughout the world.

“The NICE guidelines had perpetuated my misunderstanding of ME/CFS by recommending Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Graded Exercise”– Dr Nina Muirhead, dermatologist, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.


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