The ‘Activity Hangover’ I Experience Because of Chronic Illness



By Heather Wallace in The Mighty.


As someone who has recently moved to a new town and is trying to figure things out and find my groove, I have been out a lot more than I usually am, and I am paying for it. Having fibromyalgia means things are different for me now. Planning on going out also means planning some time in. I know if I do something, I’m inevitably going to have what I call an “activity hangover,” which will require some good old-fashioned rest time.

I have to make plans in three stages: preparing for the outing, the outing itself, and the recovery from the outing. Having dinner, meeting up for drinks, or going to a museum or a farmer’s market takes its toll. Heck, just going to the grocery store takes its toll! Earlier this week I rested up to allow myself the energy to get ready, rested for about an hour before going out to meet a friend, and then spent most of the next day recovering.


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