The Bank of ME



In life you live within your means

You save to manage all your dreams

Paying back any debts you owe

Trying to keep your spending low


Then life hits us with ME

It sets our fogged minds racing

How to cope, our only hope

To save our strength through pacing


Can’t keep going to the energy bank

I’m often in debit, I’ll be frank

Keep withdrawing

Not putting back

A major discipline I lack


Spending energy like I have it

Has become a really stupid habit

Going into debt, addicted to doing

Actions I shouldn’t be pursuing


There’s a dwindling amount

In my account

Not as much as before

It takes little action

A minor transaction

To knock me to the floor


Trying to always do things right

Wanting to be all things

By meeting friends, being social

All this comes with strings


I have to change, to rearrange

The way I live my life

To be much wiser

Use energy like a miser

To save me this ongoing strife


So I’ll save for the future

With nothing on credit

All safe in the bank to be sure

If anything’s spent, I’ll spread it

Keeping those spoons secure


With pacing our only way to save

We’ll never get too rich

But maybe it’s the way to go

As we all know that payback’s a b***h…..


By Bill Clayton

© March 2019

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