The Claim That The Cure For The Crippling Fatigue Of ME/CFS Was To Change Your Mind Always Seemed Bizarre. Now It Really Is On The Way Out…





By Jerome Burne in Health Insight UK.


In September 2016 I posted a blog here about a research bombshell that had just exploded at the heart of one of the most bitter disputes in medicine – how best to treat a condition known as ME/CFS that involves relentless fatigue.

A team of senior academics had just reanalysed the trial, known as PACE, that supported the standard NICE-approved, psychology-based treatment and found that the claimed benefit didn’t reflect what results had shown – that the treatment was virtually worthless.

I thought it was going to be a huge story and have all sorts of repercussions but instead it was largely ignored both by the press and by mainstream medics. I’ve come back to it now because there are signs that opinion professional and popular is turning against the treatment. These include:

**At the end of a debate on ME/CFS in the House of Commons last January, the House supported the proposal that use of this standard treatment should be suspended.


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