The ‘Energy Bubble’ Analogy That Can Help Explain Pacing With A Chronic Illness



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Pacing is about energy conservation, both physical and emotional. When you’re living with a chronic illness, it’s an essential skill for preventing flare-ups or “crashes.” This “energy bubble analogy” can be useful to help you visualize and understand the limits of your energy, and help you explain them to others.

The Energy Bubble Analogy

Imagine yourself enclosed inside a bubble. This bubble represents your available energetic capacity. If you listen to your body, you will learn the limits of your bubble and stay within them.

Routinely pacing your energy allows the energy bubble to slowly expand over time. This increase in available energy gives rise to more consistency in health. You continue to experience “good” and “bad” days, but you always stay within the limits of your bubble. This includes being cautious on the days you feel you have more energy to do things. These times are when you are most vulnerable.


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