The Guilt Of M.E.

The Guilt of M.E.

When the beast descends we know the score
Strength and hope go through the floor
We’ve all been on this road before
Another day of guilt

Want to take my part in life
Want to spend some time with wife
Want to cause no further strife
Another day of guilt

Said I’d try and meet with friends
Missed out last time, so make amends
Woke up to pain, a common trend
Another day of guilt

Everyone else is doing stuff
I just can’t seem to help enough
Again I’m feeling just too rough
Another day of guilt

Want to plan a day away
Family time, a bit of play
Woke with head saying not today
Another day of guilt

We may tell others how we feel
How symptoms bring us all to heel
We talk of fog, of how it’s real
We rarely talk of guilt

We blame ourselves for being ill
For lives and dreams we can’t fulfil
How much more will we hurt until
We start to banish guilt

Guilt is when you’ve done some wrong
Not for trying to be strong
Guilt with us does not belong
Let’s get rid of all that guilt

It belongs not with you or I
But with those sitting up on high
We need to shout with a mighty cry
Let them bear the guilt

It’s with all the powers that be
Who’ve chosen to ignore M.E.
It’s been so plain for all to see
Their hearts should fill with guilt

So let each of us try to shed
The guilt, and somehow instead
Understand we do our best
When daily we are put to test

We beat ourselves up all day long
Same old singer, different song
So let’s be kind to ourselves, let’s not wilt
And let us banish all thoughts of guilt…

By Bill Clayton
© 23/2/2018

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