The Identity Crisis: Am I Defined By Chronic Illness ?





By Rhiann Johns in Brain Lesion And Me.


Often chronic illness sneaks into your life, like a thief in the night. It takes everything that once defined us; stealing our identity and imagined futures. For those, like me who have suffered from symptoms associated with illness for most of their life, it is hard not to think of the person I might have been if FND had not become a permanent and prominent part of my life.

When living with a chronic illness, we are often told not to let it define us. Advice that may seem constructive and wise, but which often feels that it woefully disregards our experiences of living with a chronic condition.

The Truth Is That Sometimes Chronic Illness Does Define You

Why? Because the truth is, that if living with a chronic illness, then it might define you, becoming an important part of your identity. How can it not when such relentless and disabling symptoms often prevent you from living a ‘normal’ life. Illness and all of its accompanying baggage is not just a small detail of our life story. It becomes a crucial aspect of life.


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