The Lightning Process

How does it work?

What if you could learn to reset your body’s health systems back to normal by using the well researched connection that exists between the mind and body?

The Lightning Process applies this sound scientific principle so you can get back in charge of three very important processes in your body – The Physical Emergency Response (PER), Allostatic Load and Neuroplasticity.

Physical Emergency Response (PER) and Allostatic Load

The PER is the flight or fight response (Selye, 1936, Parker, 2012) – it’s our body’s natural reaction to any threat and provides amazing bursts of strength and speed, changing our body’s hormones and fuel usage and so on – and is ideal for escaping a tiger in the wild – this ability to manage our body’s system depending on what we need is called Allostasis (Sterling & Eyer, 1988).  The PER is generally a good thing, but it’s really designed to be activated only for very short periods of time.

Unfortunately, the ‘threats’ (Ursin & Eriksen, 2004) we find ourselves under, such as illness, chronic infections, pollution, relationships, jobs, exams or paying the mortgage, tend to last for longer periods of time. And research shows that long-term activation of these changes as a result of the PER is really bad for us – creating havoc with our sleep, healing and immune system, digestion, clear thinking and general mood – this is called Allostatic Load and has been shown to be linked to chronic illness, including heart disease, abdominal obesity, hypertension, diabetes, (Mattei, Demissie, Falcon, Ordovas, & Tucker, 2010), migraines and pain (Borsook D, Maleki N, Becerra L, & McEwen B, 2012), asthma (Bahreinian S et al., 2013) and CFS (Maloney EM, Boneva R, Nater UM, & Reeves WC, 2009).

Reducing allostatic load is considered to vital for improving chronic health conditions (Logan & Barksdale, 2008);  the Lightning Process does this by teaching you how to spot when the PER is happening and how you can calm this response down, allowing your body to re-balance itself.


Neuroplasticity (Komitova, Johansson, & Eriksson, 2006) is the brain’s amazing ability to rapidly change just by being used differently.  Research has shown that simply by using new ways of thinking, old nerve pathways are switched off and replaced by new, more useful, pathways.

The Lightning Process will teach you how to use Neuroplasticity to break out of any destructive unconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck, and learn to use new, life and health enhancing ones instead.

Bill’s View

I haven’t used The Lightning Process and so I can’t give a personal opinion.  I would say however, please research further to decide if this is for you or not.  There is likely to be a cost to this, and only you can say if it’s worth trying.  Visit other sites, speak to family and friends and look at all options. 

I spoke to a friend of mine who has a family member who tried this process.  She, Janet P, posted to my Streetlife ME Page and has given me permission to reproduce her views below.


My brother in law met someone at the Fulford beer festival who asked me to write about my experiences with ME. I am completely better and lead a very busy NORMAL life. Oh here we go, I hear some of you say! she can’t have had real ME, mine is different, I’ve tried everything. Yes I’ve done all that too!  Now some of you will start feeling mad at what I’m going to write but these are my experiences and my views, all I ask is that you read them with an open mind, after all if you have been ill for years, what have you got to lose?
Brain science can now show how our brains form, make connections, lose connections, malfunction, find new pathways. Look how stroke victims can relearn skills with repetition – their brains form new pathways round damaged ones. Well I believe ME is when the brain forms dysfunctional pathways (chemical messages are over or under stimulated, fight or flight gets all mixed up). Why? No one knows but I believe it is manifestation of inner disharmony, stress whatever, in oneself (how we process life which is determined by many things!).
You may be a perfectionist (like me), a must prove yourself person, acutely unconfident, angry, traumatised – who knows but gradually your brain takes on a mal-adaptive pathway and believe me however much you think you are resting or having no stress, if you are still processing life in the same way, you only tinker at the edges of ME. You now have to train your brain to go round the ‘damaged’ pathway – it takes a leap of faith and persistence. I trained my brain through the Lightening process – there is a great trainer called Jenny Gilmore in York – google her and book! Please remember that just because approaches put the cure in your own hands doesn’t mean they are saying what you are experiencing is not real !! But YOU CAN GET WELL!



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