The Male Pattern Baldness Disease ? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’s Chronic Lack Of Research Funding


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by Jorgen Jelstad in Health Rising.  (May 2016).


My H.I.V. patients for the most part are hale and hearty thanks to three decades of intense and excellent research and billions of dollars invested. Many of my ME/CFS patients, on the other hand, are terribly ill and unable to work or participate in the care of their families. I split my clinical time between the two illnesses, and I can tell you if I had to choose between the two illnesses (in 2009) I would rather have H.I.V.

Nancy Klimas, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, in the The New York Times (2009)

According to Nancy Klimas research into male pattern baldness gets six times more federal funding in the US than research into ME/CFS. It’s not so strange, then, that it takes time to find good answers to the ME/CFS enigma.

I have written many blog posts at my Norwegian blog De Bortgjemte about positive developments in the ME/CFS research field, and those definitely exist. But it most certainly is not a booming field with increasing budgets. And that is the main reason we do not know more about disease mechanisms or effective treatments.

For 25 years ME/CFS has been near the bottom of the list when it comes to funding for research. Over time the level of funding for ME/CFS research is deplorable.


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