The NICE Guideline ME/CFS: Personal Observations Dr Charles Shepherd

From The ME Association.

We should have been welcoming the arrival of a completely new NICE guideline on ME/CFS today. A guideline that acknowledged ME/CFS as a serious and complex medical condition. In fact, we had sent an embargoed press release and statement from Forward-ME to all the news-media in anticipation of its publication.

It was a guideline that contained sensible advice on activity, energy, and symptom management – along with a revised timeline and advice for early and accurate diagnosis, and it placed special emphasis on the care and management of children and young people and those who have severe or very severe ME/CFS.

Instead, we are discussing the huge disappointment felt by the patient community to yesterday’s announcement from NICE to cancel publication today and to pause proceedings while discussions take place around objections to the new recommendations regarding CBT and GET – objections that were discussed and resolved as part of the long review process.

On a personal basis, having spent a considerable amount of my time over the last four years working with colleagues on the preparation of this new guideline, I feel frustrated and angry. The action of a small number of people who have persuaded the leadership at the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and possibly other Royal Colleges, to put pressure on NICE to reconsider what had already been agreed by the guideline committee, is reprehensible.

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